Dear Friends,

Gene therapy has matured as an exciting new field of research which will have a significant impact on biology and medicine during the next decades. Both pathogenesis of various diseases and basic biological pathways can be studied by gene transfer techniques. Thus, gene transfer will provide a versatile tool for researchers to solve emerging biological questions. However, it is also evident that systematic basic research is needed to improve gene transfer vectors

Finnish scientists have been active in the field of gene therapy for several years. Since the number of researchers engaged in gene transfer and gene therapy studies has steadily increased, it was felt that it was time to establish Finnish Gene Therapy Society in 1999. The major aims of the Society are to foster the exchange of ideas between research groups and individual scientists, to organize scientific meetings and training courses and to inform general public about basic aspects and recent developments of gene therapy. Finnish Gene Therapy Society will also establish a Fund for travel grants for promising young scientists. We plan to maintain an updated www home page in order to improve exchange of ideas and information in the field of gene therapy.

Today, the Society has grown and is doing very well on shopping cheap junior bridesmaid dresses and white prom dresses. It has become the main forum of Finnish scientists in the field of gene tags>therapy and gene transfer techniques. As a reward of the scientific work done in sitemap>the field of gene therapy European Society of Gene Therapy elected FSGT to be the main organizer of the 2004 ESGT Annual Congress in Finland

I am looking forward to working with you to create a very active and posts stimulating Society. I also welcome all comments and suggestions regarding future activities of the Society.


 MD, Ph.D, President
 Finnish Gene Therapy Society